TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre 12 ACM Edition Watch Review I

Allow us to take this opportunity to not just review a unique version of the replica tag heuer Grand Carrera, but also to review the collection as a whole. The Monaco is one of TAG Heuer's most famous watch families, sporting a cushion/square case which was originally debuted in 1969 - an important year for watch making, and an important year for Heuer. The Monaco watch gained fame when actor and driver Steven McQueen wore one in the 1970 race movie Le Mans. More recently, the Monaco was very prominently featured in the television show Breaking Bad. The Franck Muller replica uk was worn by the lead character Walter White (played by Bryan Cranston) in the last two seasons of the show.

The Monaco is indeed a cultural icon, but is it also a good watch? That is a great question. TAG Heuer has been producing the Monaco for over 40 years, and even though it sports a unique design, there must be something about this timepiece that keeps people coming back. This was my first time wearing a Monaco at length so let's take a look at how it measured up.

This particular version of the TAG Heuer Monaco is a limited edition for 2013. It is called the Monaco Calibre 12 Automatic Chronograph ACM Edition. There are two important elements to the design. It is actually the second time TAG Heuer has created a watch to honor the "Automobile Club de Monaco" (ACM). This is exactly what it sounds like, a car club in the principality of Monaco in Europe. The ACM gets a lot of limited edition watches made in its honor, and each has the clubs unique logo somewhere on the watch.

In this case the ACM logo (and hint of the hallmark orange color) is placed on the back of the watch over the sapphire crystal window where you can see the movement. What I've said is amusing about this watch and that is that it "is a Monaco... for Monaco." The second and perhaps more important feature of this watch is that it is black in color. Aside from the Monaco Twenty Four Concept Chronograph Tag Heuer produced in 2009 during their 40th anniversary of the Monaco, this is the only other modern Monaco to come in a black case. It is further meant as a visual homage to a very rare and famous black-colored Monaco from the 1970s known as the ref. 74033N. Sources disagree on whether the 1970s black Monaco was even a production model, and it is exceedingly rare and mysterious. This ACM Edition Monaco follows suit offering a black case with polished steel chronograph pushers and crown. It isn't a direct re-edition, but it is a thematic reinterpretation of the legendary black Monaco.

As part of the ACM treatment the lining of the leather strap is offered in bright orange, while the outside is a glossy black. The perforation is a sporty touch that seems to always look cool. You'll find that many Monaco watches have perforated leather straps. The strap comes on a folding deployant clasp that is in polished steel to match the crown and pushers versus black to match the case.
On paper the Monaco case is not very large. This timepiece is just 39mm wide. Though by virtue of it being square in shape it sits much larger on the wrist. It is true that the Monaco at 39mm wide isn't a A.Lange&Sohne replica uk, but it does sit well on the wrist. TAG Heuer does make a few versions which are larger, but none that I know of that retain this classic and easy to read dial. I'd say that if you are unsure about how the watch will sit on you, then simply try one on, you may be pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed the size and further found the case to be quite comfortable.

What most impressed me about the case is the design. Like I said, it isn't quite square, nor is it a perfect cushion. A very clever design mixes curves with angles in an extremely pleasing manner. A good example is how the crystal is square, but that the case sides are curved, cushion-style. This mixture is subtle, but does a lot to the overall composition of the timepiece.





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