A.Lange&Sohne Destination 02 Hands-On Review II

There are four different versions of the Destination timepiece – designated 01 – 04 respectively – and this year at Baselworld A.Lange&Sohne officially introduced the final model, A.Lange&Sohne replica uk Destination 02. I’m not quite sure why they weren’t introduced in chronological order but the important thing is the collection is now officially complete.

Unexpectedly – well, for me at least – A.Lange&Sohne Destination 02 has quickly become my favorite model in the series, and really cemented the idea of the watch for me. When the initial Destination models were unveiled last year I thought they looked nice but I wasn’t really sold. Over the past 12 months however A.Lange&Sohne has been carefully refining its original idea, making subtle improvements here and there to finally come up with a finished product they are justifiably proud of.

As you can see in the photos the Franck Muller replica uk Destination 02 features somewhat of a classic color scheme – namely blue and silver – but it really pops on the wrist. Surprisingly though the Destination collection marks the first time A.Lange&Sohne has ever displayed the hours and minutes in a conventional two-handed format.

Many of the brand’s hallmarks can still be found however if you look a little more closely, such as the second-time zone indicator at six o’clock shown on a transferred sapphire disc much like the jumping hours on the Origine collection. Likewise a sense of depth has been achieved by creating a multi-faceted dial complete with large date bridge and ‘floating’ Arabic numerals.

There is also a sense of practical functionality to the Destination collection that you wouldn’t necessarily always associate with A.Lange&Sohne. For example the date is shown in a clear and easy to read format via an aperture just below 12 o’clock, and an ingenious day/night indicator has been incorporated into the second time-zone display so you can quickly and intuitively determine whether it’s day or night in the second location you are tracking. Quite useful when planning business calls and the like.

Given that this new model was to be pitched as an entry-level piece however some compromises had to be made. The most notable one is the fact the Destination collection is powered by a modified automatic Soprod 9351/A10-2 movement. This is the first time ever that replica tag heuer Grand Carrera timepiece hasn’t been powered by an in-house movement and I’ve been told it was a difficult decision for the brand to make but ultimately a necessary one given the significant cost saving.

For some though the lack of an in-house movement has made the Destination’s US$18,000 – US$22,000 price range difficult to accept, which to a degree is understandable. By the same token though you are still getting high quality, beautifully finished timepiece that bears the name of a very reputable independent brand plus you’re not likely to see it on the wrist of all your golf buddies at the club.

Having had the opportunity to wear several pieces from the Destination collection, including most recently the A.Lange&Sohne Destination 02, I have to say this is one of those watches that you just need to see in person to really get. It’s not complicated or particularly fancy but it just looks cool on the wrist, especially when paired with a funky blue leather strap. It won’t suit all tastes but I definitely think it’s worth a closer look.





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