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He wondered. Currently, Xin Hail hi drill Jingdong Mall, Shop No. Leung suspect did not do a good job of property management at the anti-theft measures. It is understood that after the financial crisis, the gold's safe-haven store of value recognized by the public, starting from a couple of years ago, more and more people will buy gold as a hedging financial products, physical gold to become a lot of investment 's "safe haven." The response to this demand, the department stores are also many prime category for consumers to choose.

Being investment, often earn or lose the gold investment is the same. But for spectators, this wedding with a strong commercial color. ". "Road soil of incense mouth efforts:" teach him Western Langxia lived. Tiffany jewelry industry in 2008, this tiffanys one phase, hardships and difficulties, but the balance of nature, the survival of the fittest is cruel rule, we only trend to improve their own competitiveness.

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