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Re FDI Foreign Direct Investment, again your right you have the USD18Billion so to speak, the very reason is that, your foreign policy on FDI is much relax that ours, I believe yours is flexible interms of ownership, properties rolex Replica watches uk, taxes, etc. while Philippine foreign policy restricts a lot, something very turn off to those possible investors. Here in the Philippines foreigners are limited to own a business to just up to 40% of the total investment, he/she must have the local partners to cover the remaining 60% meaning majority, another thing, Foreigners are not allowed to buy any land properties in the Philippines, they must have Filipino counterpart in every ventures, or marry a Filipino to have that access granted to own a business, Foreigners don't have the right to engage in any national natural treasure related projects like mining, quarrying, logging, drilling etc. anything related to natural resources, they must have the Philippine partners as well. That's the very reason why we got the lowest one. this is not fabricated, its just that I've learned it during my economics classes way back then.

Although most foreign fashion brands have their marketing operations in Shanghai, the northern capital is where the majority of influential media organisations are based. In the years to come, the plan is for Ink Pak to move slightly away from its event organisation roots, focusing more on longer term projects. Currently, its main tasks include finding the right location and production company for major fashion events, as well as ensuring attendance by key celebrities, media and other distinguished personalities. Says Chua: will work with fewer clients but on a deeper level. I think the market is changing and. I think a major issue that clients face is human resources, there are just not enough quality people.





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