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UND going to the Frozen FourBobcats lose again to BruinsPackers take two from SaintsState Amateur BasketballUND replica Patek Philippe goes extra miles for home gamesBruins closing replica Franck Muller in on titleWeber: Saving the district tourneysAn old Bismarck bakery may soon have a new purpose.Two local businessmen, Corey Castleman and Gary Emineth, along with a group of investors, have bought the old Sweetheart Bakery on East Main Avenue with hopes of turning it into a private event center called Sixteen03 Main Events.Castleman and Emineth, who will act as managing partners of the center, said they finalized the purchase of the building Monday. Now they are just starting the process of getting the needed approvals from the city of Bismarck."We don't want to make any assumptions," Castleman said.The two men said they have started cleaning the building and discussing tentative ideas for the center.The name of the center is derived from the address of the old bakery, which closed about 15 years ago. The original two story building was constructed in 1929 and has since gone replica watches through five additions.

Yeah, mine likes the toilet thing too, although he doesn often make a point of running in when he hears it flush. He also likes TV, although he seems to be fairly particular. When I pop in a movie, he usually just curls up on my shoulder, lays his head on the pillow and goes to sleep (and then slowly sinks into the west until he wedged in the couch cushions, which is actually pretty cute). We all seen the Omega ads featuring George Clooney and Nicole Kidman, but Kobe Bryant involvement with Nubeo is a lot deeper than just posing for a photo. The Black Mamba, designed with the help of one of the NBA most prolific players, is sized aggressively at 48 mm (probably to fit Bryant NBA size wrist). It features bold rubber, titanium, and ceramic crowns, pushers and screws.

So, many doctors are taking a new tack. By limiting prescriptions to when they're really needed, they believe, resistant strains will disappear over time. But they need you: Pediatricians prescribe antibiotics 65 percent of the time if they think parents expect them, but only 12 percent if they feel parents don't, studies show.. Currency and four firearms were found in the residence. The home is located 797 feet from Clayton Middle School. Robin Heiden of the Salt Lake City Police Department said numerous factors may lead to enhanced charges in the case.. Their jerseys had said, 'Bucs,' and they didn't have enough money to get new ones, so they tore off the old lettering and needed a four letter replacement name. That's how the team became the Pros." Five years, three name changes and one relocation later, the franchise became the Baltimore Claws, with jerseys that were even more makeshift than before. Rinky dink? Sure.





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